Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entrez Vous, S'il Vous Plait

Bonjour! Welcome to the Winter 2007 quarter. I am creating a new blog for my American Literature class, which focuses on the Gilded Age (1865-1914). The text that we will be using for the class is The Norton Anthology Of American Literature. I enjoy blogging for my personal use, but this is the first blog that I've done for a class. I've always liked the ideas of using journals for writing classes, but have always been a little bit intimidated by the prospect of such "free thinking." I don't have quite the confidence in myself that others have in their own writing. However, I do find that blogs are a good space for some honest feedback, both from instructor and from peers alike. I am not expecting to be a revolutionary writer, nor am I expecting revelations either. I am simply a humble person who has a hidden passion for writing. In fact, I was in my first class this past Monday and at one point my instructor was so enthuisiastic about a subject that I can so relate to that my eyes welled up. I must say that I think that I've found a niche for myself. Again, I will probably always sort of be in the background since I don't think that I've got anything profound to say, but I do appreciate learning so many different aspects of writing, literature, and poetry that I think that this will somehow enrich my life just being immersed in it. Just breathing it in.


Scott said...

Looking forward to reading your first journals, Chelsea!